Are you a circular thinking designer? Do you want to become part of a project dealing with the urgent topic of waste? Are you a designer who wants to know more about CNC milling? Are you a creative and working with wood waste? Do you want to help SMEs reduce their wood waste through open source hardware and circular thinking? Roll up your sleeves and keep reading. During the Week van de Circulaire Economie we will host an interactive online event to highlight our OPEN|NEXT pilot project.


Update 4th February 2021  

Please find the zoom link for today’s events:

Meeting ID: 942 1002 7825

  • The first session – LIVE CNC MILLING will start at 14.30
  • The second session – FEEDBACK PANEL SESSION WITH EXPERTS will start at 17.30

We look forward to seeing you!

Who are we?

Fiction Factory is a creative manufacturer of interiors for offices, shops, restaurants and ­museums. Even though we minimise waste, we do have leftover materials and products that return after events. At Fiction Factory you will find large workshops for wood, steel, upholstery and painting. A “science fiction“ area that houses custom made machinery and technologies, plus a serious sustainability department that aims to make the interior building industry circular. Feel free to check out our website!
Fiction Factory is hosted in an open, large scale and well ventilated building. It is ­therefore ­possible to always keep 1.5 meter distance and work in a safe environment.

Tell me more about this event & OPEN CALL!

In 2020 we joined the OPEN|NEXT pilot together with Waag. The goal is to find an open source  hardware solution for our biggest waste stream: wood. Every day we use many sheets of plywood on our CNC machines. We mill out the needed shapes and the leftover space is considered waste. However we know this space can still be useful. Here is the challenge! This leftover space is made up of small odd shapes, so what do we make?

“For this event we would like to challenge all designers and creatives to find a solution for this leftover space.”

Picture of a Wikkelhouse CNC sheet. Even though it is nested quite efficient, there are still pieces left unused.

How can you participate?

You can either join the online audience and ask questions or you can submit a design for the leftover space and visit Fiction Factory to discuss the process, benefits and issues.

Our biggest CNC workload consists of Wikkelhouse parts. Remember the tiny houses we also produce?  For this particular challenge, we are using a CNC template from Wikkelhouse, which is milled around 18 times per week. We are looking for design elements for the leftover space of this 18mm pine multiplex.

You can download the file and CNC instructions here

  • The existing elements can be moved around to create different leftover shapes for which to design with.
  • The final design should keep circularity in mind (how can the final design be taken apart after use, how can it be repaired, who or what does it benefit?).
  • If the wooden elements are part of a larger circular design, please do share the whole design with us.
  • The designs will become part of our open source hardware pilot project and will therefore potentially be available to the public.


The goal: Co-creation session where 3-4 designs will be realised during an online circular economy week event.

Why? Because we would like to…

  • Change attitudes towards waste
  • Improve production processes to reduce the amount of ‘leftover materials’
  • Give materials destined for the landfill or furnace a chance to become something useful
  • To reduce the need and use of raw materials
  • Create a better future through clever designing and sharing



What’s in it for you?

When we have collected the designs, we will choose 3-4 and produce them LIVE on the 4th of February at 14:30 during our Circular Economy Week Event. The selected designers will  be invited to Fiction Factory to sit front row while your design prototype is milled and you can take it home for free. It’s like a live cooking show, but better and with the smell of fresh wood. The whole event is also open to everyone to participate as an audience, to join in discussions around circular designing, cnc milling and waste.

Please reserve a spot to our event on the website  and submit your design as a .DXF or .STEP file to
Don’t forget to read through the CNC waste instructions and design guidelines.

See you then!

P.S.: If you want to see more about our Open Source Hardware projects, please check out the Wikifactory page.

“This is not waste, they’re circular materials”