Panel Discussion with Industry Players and Experts


Update 4th February 2021  

Please find the zoom link for today’s events:


Meeting ID: 942 1002 7825

  • The first session – LIVE CNC MILLING will start at 14.30
  • The second session – FEEDBACK PANEL SESSION WITH EXPERTS will start at 17.30

We look forward to seeing you!


Fiction Factory Open!Next Pilot External Feedback Team:

Ruben Bus – Circular advisor | Material researcher | Creative developer | Project manager

Rutger Graas – Initiator at Maaklab | Furniture designer and maker

Marta Malé-Alemany – Leader Robot Studio / Digital Production Research Group – AUAS/HvA Faculty of Technology

Bouke van den WildenbergTeacher & Project manager – HMC Sustainability

Rick Buchter – Director at Wikkelhouse


In 2020 Fiction Factory  joined OPEN|NEXT together with Waag, with a mission to find an open source  hardware solution for our biggest waste stream: wood. Every day we use many sheets of plywood on our CNC machines, we mill out the needed shapes and the leftover space is considered waste. However we know this space can still be useful, and that our process can be improved in order to create less waste in the first place.

By bringing together people with different backgrounds, yet with similar interests in CNC milling, waste reduction and circular thinking we will host a discussion between panel members, as well as host breakout sessions with the audience to gather as much input as possible in order to find viable solutions to more efficient material use. 

Earlier the same day we will host a co-creation session to prototype a few open source designs on the CNC machine, which we can use as a starting point for our conversation. You can find more information about this event here: Designing or a More Circular Future

The initial online session, on February 4th, will act as a first meeting for this feedback team where we would like to discuss the steps we have taken so far in the pilot project and the potential directions we can go together. To see how we can all benefit from open source knowledge and shared ideas.

Picture of a Wikkelhouse CNC sheet. Even though it is nested quite efficient, there are still pieces left unused.