Do you consider yourself a creative maker? An inventor who can turn a big pile of precious materials into new circular products? Who sees value in production waste and seeks for opportunities to rethink the way we produce? Do you have a hands-on ­approach and do you learn by experimenting? And while you do that, do you like to ­s­hare the knowledge and innovations for the bigger picture? Do you feel like a kid in a ­candy store when you are in a workshop filled with machines and tools? Swipe to the right, my creative ally, we have work to do!


Who are we?

Fiction Factory is a creative manufacturer of interiors for offices, shops, restaurants and ­museums. Even though we minimise waste, we do have leftover materials and products that return after events. At Fiction Factory you will find large workshops for wood, steel, upholstery and painting. A “science fiction“ area that houses custom made machinery and technologies, plus a serious sustainability department that aims to make the interior building industry circular.

Waag is an organisation composed of research groups that work with both grassroots ­initiatives and institutional partners across Europe. It operates at the intersection of science, technology and arts. Working with emergent technologies, Waag conducts research in both imaginative and practical terms, addressing its fellow citizens from a position of equality and collaboration.

Both are pioneers in open-source projects, experienced in product development and based in Amsterdam. Together we are looking for a professional creative maker and researcher to develop a collaborative open-source hardware project involving the waste material produced by Fiction Factory.

The focus is on wood waste as it represents 80% of the total waste of Fiction Factory. Of this percentage, 40 % comes from the CNC and 50% from the manual cut off, which gives the ­possibility to work with multiple materials, varying from sheets and solid materials to dust.

What is OPEN NEXT?

Open Next is a European project that brings together SMEs and maker communities across Europe to fundamentally change the way we create, produce and distribute products. The goals of Open Next are:

  • to provide access to- and share current open source technology;
  • to create collaboration between Fab Labs, community and companies;
  • to work with open source hardware;
  • to co-develop products and services with makers and their customers.;
  • to ­document these journeys and share all the results of this project.



The goal of this position is to co-design and co-develop an open-source product made of Fiction Factory waste by establishing an open learning community of concern (value sustainability) that stimulates research and ­innovation in circular design. More in detail:

  • The product should be developed towards a functional prototype.
  • You need to provide technical documentation of the manufacturing of the product (for example drawings, assembly instructions, file formats) and share them in Wikifactory.
  • The development of the project needs to happen in collaboration with the other stakeholders involved and the participation of the community.


Your role

This project requires a lot of ideation, hands on working hours, documentation and communication. Over a period of nine months (starting in November 2020), you will investigate open source hardware ideas on how to create a new product with factory waste through a systemic process of material research, and by making use of Fiction Factory’s workshop. You will, throughout the timeline of the project, bring input to stimulate innovation within ­Fiction Factory and you will document each step of the process. You will be present at Fiction Factory for three days a week for the whole duration of the project. During these days you will actively engage with the Fiction Factory team and work towards the realisation of the several phases of the project. The Fiction Factory Feedback team includes inhouse Fiction Factory colleagues, but also Fiction Fans, to co-create a sustainable result.
As a representative of the community of concern (value sustainability) you will be involved in several activities. These will be organised together with Waag and FF, to reach out and engage with the rest of the community and cultivate a culture of openness and inclusivity.


November 2020 Ideation phase
December 2020 Ideation phase
January 2021 Material & Hardware Experimentation
February 2021 Material & Hardware Experimentation
March 2021 Material & Hardware Experimentation
April 2021 First prototype delivered
May 2021 Second improved prototype delivered
June 2021 Third improved prototype delivered
July 2021 Final prototype delivered (product)

Role of Waag

Waag will be supporting, monitoring and helping to coordinate the project with a special ­focus on researching how to create a replicable business model around this pilot and how to best engage and share the results with the community.

We ask

  • A professional creative maker who has produced products before.
  • Experience in using circular (waste) materials and circular ways of producing.
  • Values sustainability.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Creative background (art / design / architecture).
  • Documentation skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Technical skills and experience.
  • Professional, hands-on, responsible, ­independent, open-minded, enthusiastic, outspoken and curious.
  • Based in Amsterdam or proximity.

We offer

  • Freelance based contract: € 30 per hour for 24 hours a week for approximately 9 months. From November 2020 to July 2021.
  • Access to great workspaces with numerous machines, tools and technical knowledge.
  • An international working environment.
  • A community and the further creation of a ­community of makers (NL/EU).
  • Challenging and experimental way of working while sharing and gaining knowledge with ­experts and craftspeople.
  • A chance to turn waste into value.
  • The opportunity to be co-owner of the final prototype of the product.
  • To gain experience in open source hardware development and use of Wikifactory platform

Diversity is one of the keys to creating strong collaborations between Fab Labs, community and companies. We encourage candidates from all backgrounds and orientations to apply.


Fiction Factory is hosted in an open, large scale and well ventilated building. It is ­therefore ­possible to always keep 1.5 meter distance and work in a safe environment. Frequent washing of hands is encouraged as well as lunch in shifts.

How to apply

Please send your motivational letter & portfolio (website) to to the attention of Marije Remigius and Margherita Soldati.

Title: Open/Future Factory
Type: Competition Announcement (professional Competitions)
Website: Waag and Fiction Factory website
Organizers: Fiction Factory & Waag
Submission deadline: 31st October 2020
Venue: Amsterdam, NL
Price: Free

More information

Open Next article on Waag website
Open Next website
‘The future of product creation is open and community-based’ article
‘Open source hardware: concern-driven innovation’ article

Note: if you are not able to apply but you want to be involved and stay updated with the development of this project, please subscribe here