Professional construction studio

Fiction Factory was founded in 1989 as theatre scenery company, under the name Schilling and De Nijs. What started as a two man business (with one cordless drill and one jigsaw) has grown to become a highly professional and well-equipped construction studio.

What do we make?

Fiction Factory still manufactures theatre scenery. We also manufacture stands for trade fairs throughout Europe, as well as office and shop interiors for international (fashion) labels.

Wide range of abilities

We employ 45 full-time craftsmen, who are capable of manufacturing just about anything, using almost any material and practically any technique. For highly specialised jobs we can call on a wide network of artisans and specialists.


It is very rare for us to say a flat out “no” to a project. If you have a detailed design drawing that’s great, but we can also work with something scribbled on the back of a beer mat.

Creative thinking

Due to our extensive experience we can practically build everything. If it’s something in which we have little experience we will first do our research, exploring who and what we need. We apply our creative engineering and think in solutions instead of limitations.

Thorough preparation

After an initial meeting we draw up a quote. If the quote is accepted the draftsmen get to work. We employ six technical draftsmen and all of the drawing is done on computers (in 3D for the larger projects). Their precise work ensures that there are no unpleasant surprises during the construction phase. After discussing and fine tuning our workshop specialists begin construction.

On time delivery

We produce expertly constructed, value for money products, delivered on time. Each year we deliver hundreds of our products to museums, trade fairs, shops and restaurants, so we’re well aware of the importance of logistics.