Professional construction studio

Fiction Factory was founded in 1989 as a theatre scenery company. What started as a two man business (with one cordless drill and a jigsaw) has grown to become a highly professional and well-equipped construction studio. More than forty people work here permanently and we have the same number of freelancers for special projects. 

What do we make?

Fiction Factory makes whatever you can imagine: exhibitions, shop interiors, offices and restaurants, but also complicated one-off productions and stands. We make these for architects and designers. In addition, we make furniture in our workshop in Amsterdam that we believe in. Plus a unique, movable house, the Wikkelhouse. We have the ambition to do all this as sustainably as possible and we are currently developing strongly in sustainable and circular projects

Wide range of abilities

Our professionals can make anything, from almost any material, with practically all techniques. Fiction Factory has a wood, metal, painting and upholstery workshop, but also a Science Fiction workshop with innovative techniques and a plastic recycling lab. This means that we can also do a lot of the projects in-house and that makes a considerable difference to purchasing semi-finished products and the environmental impact of transporting parts. For specific assignments we can rely on our broad network of specialists.

Impossible not possible

It doesn’t matter how you come up with a plan at Fiction Factory: whether it is a sketch on a beer mat or a detailed building plan. Fiction Factory works with renowned designers, but also with the starting entrepreneur who wants to shape his plans. We think sustainably, practically, problem-solving and creatively along with the customer and designer

Good preparations

At a first meeting we discuss the ideas and designs, then we can immediately puzzle in the sample room with possible materials and go through the techniques. We will also present sustainable options and see if there are possibilities for a circular design. Then we make a quotation. If that is agreed, the drafters put the design in the computer, for large projects in 3D, so that the builders and designers are never confronted with unpleasant surprises. After discussing the drawing, the craftsmen get to work in the workplace.

On time delivery

We deliver expertly made value for money within the agreed period. We are also good at logistics. We have to, because every year more than a hundred Euro trailers with stuff we make go to museums, fairs, shops, projects and exhibitions.
Whether we are building in London or Barcelona, ​​Seoul or Bahrain or Amsterdam, our people are used to delivering our products at any location, resourceful and stress-resistant, within the agreed period. With transport, the sustainable aspect is certainly taken into account and transports are combined where possible.