Specialists in wood and steel

We have a great deal of experience working with wood and steel. This doesn’t mean we don’t use other materials, of course. We are also expert upholsterers, and know all about working with polyester and concrete. We’re capable of building more than just scenery, interiors and exhibition stands. And if we can’t build it, we’re sure to know a firm that can. Furthermore, we make sure that what we make arrives safely and speedily at its destination.


In the woodwork studio our craftsmen use many different kinds of wood to construct furniture and scenery. Our CNC milling machine is an indispensible part of the manufacturing process, the use of which ensures that almost any computer design can be turned into reality whether it be in wood or plexiglass, from straight lines to free form, tiny or room-filling.


Our steel specialists are experts in milling, rolling, turning, grinding and, of course, welding. We can weld using MIG, MAG, TIG, Pulse MIG and Arc. We even have an expert in welding stainless steel.


The upholstery department has many years experience and can upholster anything from a cushion to the interior of a Landrover.


Fiction Factory started out as a theatre scenery company and this is still an important part of our business. A poppy measuring 5 metres X 5 metres was made here, together with an enormous, stage-filling dragon. Both of these were for the musical Turks Fruit. We also made a series of lifelike rhinoceros heads for the stand of a well-known fashion label.  We have a special workshop for working with toxic materials, such as polyester and epoxy resin.


If a design is going to go into series production we first make a prototype. This allows us to iron out any glitches at an early stage. Although computer design is becoming ever more sophisticated if we are making a chair, for example, then we need to sit in that chair to see and feel the materials and to assess the effectiveness of the design. The engineering department will continue with the next production phase only when the prototype has been approved.


Our designs are made using our own CAD programs, which create a 3D image of the product, the necessary technical drawings and the data needed by our CNC machines, laser cutters and milling machines. This ensures that all parts are manufactured to highest standards.


The finished product must arrive punctually and undamaged at its final destination. We have become experts in transporting materials, prototypes and completed articles to and from our factory. It doesn’t matter whether it’s going to Leiden or Kiev, or from our studio to the warehouse – we take great care to package and transport items correctly, using shock-proof pallets if necessary. Outsize items are not a problem eg we have previously sent a huge aluminium ceiling dome safely to its destination. If we have to work all night to ensure everything is despatched on time then that’s what happens. And if has to be there tomorrow, we’ll drive it ourselves.